Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Thoughts

I have not posted in about 2 weeks. I took a mini-vacation. Today I am realizing how most everything I think about reverberates throughout the universe.

My life is what my thoughts have been.

Or said another way, "My life is due to what I think about."

If I change my thinking - remove any negative thinking - I can become happier, more positive and acheive serenity.

Today I am thinking good thoughts.


Gin said...

I have found this to be very true. I have also had to remove myself from very negative friends that I once had. The negativity always seems to rub off.

Syd said...

Good for you Joe. Thinking good thoughts is better than negative thinking any day. Hang in there.

Cat said...

I always have to work on making that glass half full!

Al-anon again said...

This is what I am learning too.
Thinking good thoughts help us retain or regain our serenity.

Rabbi Ben A. said...

Sorry to be off topic but I didn't know how to contact you other than in a post.

Where did you get the chart depicting the cycle of codependency and anger? It is great.

CPBASBAL23 said...

The Law of Attraction is very powerful. Therefore, I try my hardest to only think and act in ways that represent a state of being that I desire. Self-Awareness is one of the greatest thresholds a person can break!

mzeatright said...

I love your rantings! Thx
I'll keep coming back!

Madison said...

I love this. It's difficult to think good thoughts at times. It's definitely a decision.

Joe said...

Rabbi Ben - Recieved your comment. The chart I believe you are referring to is mine. I created it. Feel free to use it -

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"My life is what my thoughts have been."

So powerful. Change my thoughts and my world changes.

Thank you for that wisdom for today and everyday.

Anonymous said...

thank you for that im the one who fell in love with the alcoholic 7 years sober I just found out I must spend Thanksgiving without him.he,s helping a family member who needs him. my dissapointment and tears are selfish.Now I will concentrate on how lucky to have someone so special in my life who,s spirituality is rubbing off on me.You can learn from a recovering alcoholic

Its Time said...

today is the first time I have searched out Al-Anon and what it has to offer. I am so happy to have read this post! I look forward to the sharing.

PreciousKendra said...

exactly, our thoughts become our reality/life, i read and listened to the book/audio dvd of "The Secret" it was a wonderful book. It does take a while and practice to change your negative thinking into positive thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi. As a grateful member of al anon, I lived with an alcoholic for five years and watched him die by year seven of loving him. My life is now good and unaffected (ha!) by a drunk in my life, but still, and always will be, affected by THE drunk in my life. I hate to be self promotional but I do have to share that I wrote an ebook on kindle called "...and she was" by Arpy Beck that includes so much about my life and adventures with the drinker in my life. And how I coped and survived. Please check it out if you feel like it because writing it helped me. I pray reading it can help others.