Thursday, March 6, 2008

About Today's Posts

I must have had too much coffee this morning.

A Short Message About Today's Posts
I have two posts this fine day. One is on Enabling. That was my first post which I started at 4:30AM

I placed another post, after I read a passage that resonated with me. It's titled; "What is Life?" It may be titled incorrectly. Maybe a better title would be, "Get Off Your Ass."

Two more things;
1. I would like a volunteer to provide a topic and an intro for this weekend's on-line Al-Anon Meeting. If you are feeling you might not be capable, or you might be embarrassed, read the post below "What Is Life?"

2. I placed a survey on the side bar of this blog. I would like your opinion. Please take the suvey. It's one question. If you don't, I will feel rejected.

Peace today to you.


Ashley said...

"If you don't, I will feel rejected.

That's one way to get feedback! :)

Ashley said...

But you need to add a third option - both! :)

Joe said...

Ashley - You are funny. I am soo bad. I figured us codependents would not want me to feel rejected!

OK - Doesn't will equal "both" as well as "doesn't matter."

Syd said...

Joe, Life is what I decide to make of it. I can decide to work towards doing God's will or I can decide that my will is the way. I have found that my will isn't the answer.

Ashley said...

OK - I have an idea for the weekend topic, but I'm thinking you could write it up better than I can. (I also feel like I'm monopolizing the weekend topics a bit - if anyone has any other ideas, please share them).

Anyway, what I would love to hear more about involves enabling, and how we, individually, have enabled in the past.

The best way to change the future is to recognize what we've done in the past. I know there's things that I've done in the past that were "enabling", but I'm not sure I've recognized them as that yet. I would love to hear what others have done because it may lead my mind in a new direction to realize my own enabling behaviors. Does that make sense?

Hope everyone's having a great night!

Joe said...

Ashley - if you want to run with it this weekend, don't think about monopolizing it. let me know

Everyone else - we could use your input.