Thursday, March 6, 2008

What Is Life?

What is life? A positive message, for members of AA, Al-Anon, codependents, and people who just want to get more out of life.

About 20 years ago, I saw my life drifting. I came from a poor/lower income family. Just, and I mean, just, getting by. My mother drilled into my head, "You are going to college." I had no idea why. Except that I could get a better job and get out of a bad environment of poverty. And I knew I had to work. Not sure where I got that from. Probably mom.

I worked my tail off, and went to college far away from home. When I got out of college, I landed a good job. But no one ever showed me the "ropes" as to how to be successful in work and in life.

To cut straight to the chase, an author by the name of Robert Anthony (Dr.) came to me via a book. Since then, it's been pretty good. It's been all down hill. Almost smooth sailing - always. I became a positive attitude guy. Because the alternative sucked.

Just for Today
This morning this passage below struck me. Every morning I read for about 2 hours a day. Unless there is utter chaos in the house, which is why I get up at 4:30AM. I try to avoid the chaos, but more importantly, meditate. My meditation is in the form of writing in spiral bound notebooks what I am reading. There is magic between the pen, hand, arm, and brain. It fires your synapses up. It "awakens" you to the possibilities of life.

Before you read the passage, here is a quote. It is from me; "We only get one shot on this little hairball planet called earth. Why not make it worth it by risking, by going forward by attempting, to put yourself out there, on the high-wire act. Because in the end, no one will remember the embarrassment you are afraid of, and in the end, no one will really care. So why not?"

The short version of this quote is: "Screw it." (insert another word for "screw" if you prefer.)

Here is the passage from an older book from Dr. Robert Anthony (The Truth About You);
The Only Game In Town
"It is my understanding that the purpose of life is to live life as fully as possible. In the past, if you wanted to do something, you might have been told you had to wait your turn and let another person have their chance. So, you sat on the sidelines and didn't participate . . . and you didn't get anything or anywhere either. The people who don't have anything in life are the people who are not giving anything out, they are the takers, not the participants.

. . . What happens when you stop participating in life is that your body thinks it is all over and starts to decay itself so that it can be recycled.

The only purpose for life is to participate and grow. To be out there, to be doing things, to be expressing yourself - your talents, your abilities and your relationships. If you are tired of participating, then you are already dead on your feet. Participation is the only game in town. That's what life is all about.

What is participating? It's putting yourself out there in life and risking."


Like I said before, "Screw it."

Nike might say, if they had any good advertising people; "Screw it.Let's do it."

That's mine. I said it first. It's copyrighted. Don't steal it.

Have fun today. And remember, one more time; "Screw it." Because in the end, you get one shot on this little hairball planet called earth, and no one will remember.

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Syd said...

Life used to be living by the expectations of others. Today life is living according to God's will--not forcing things, not being what others want me to be, but living to do God's will.