Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Your Own Worst Critic

Thursday's Post - Created Late Wednesday Night
We think that our own worst critic is the alcoholic. Or we think it is the alcoholic's relative(s). We may think it is someone at work. Or someone else.

In all of the above people, the worst critic is none of these listed above.

Our own worst critic is . . . drum roll please!!!

Our own worst critic is, you guessed it, ourselves. It is that little voice we have going off inside our heads trying to remind us that we are "less-than" - and winds up beating down any self-esteem and confidence we have. It goes like this;

"How could you have done such a stupid thing?"

This voice is our voice, but it can be someone elses words. No matter, because it wears us down. And it can replay it over and over. It is this voice and the mental mental images that also get played out in our mind, that make us less-than what we are capable of being and less-than what we want and deserve.

Let me ask you this;

If you had a friend who talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would that person continue to be your friend?


Syd said...

I used to be my own worst critic. But I realize that I'm only human and make a lot of human mistakes. I now see that I'm okay with who I am--mistakes and all.

Anonymous said...

That little voice.....

Has led me to poor decisions.

Has talked me into things.

Has talked me out of things.

Has led me to down wrong paths.

Has attracted me to destructive people.

That little voice.....

My work leads me to go with my heart, my gut instincts. They may not be what I want in the moment, but over time, and many times looking back, I can see much clearer that my heart doesn't lie, it speaks the truth, and the voice with a forked tongue.

Moving forward, I trust my heart.

For it is there where my Higher Power (God) whispers in my ear everyday, that I am loved, that I am special, and there is purpose in my life.

Peace This Thursday.


Gypsy said...

Just discovered your blog...can't wait to read more and more. Know there is wisdom there for me.

My therapist has taught me I am not allowed to talk to myself in any way I would not also talk to my children.As I adore my children, I would never call them stupid or idiots or nuts or anything else derogatory. This has helped me learn to speak to myself in a much more positive, loving manner.