Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts are being posted here today. I decided a while ago that sometimes statements without explanation may be a good way to get and achieve serenity.

Here are some random thoughts and statements I have pulled from one of the books I am reading - that I believe can be aligned to Step 1 - Being Powerless and Unmanageable.

Here they are;

  • Don't minimize preparation or the importance of believing in your abilities. Lack of faith in yourself, manifested by the inclination to minimize your abilities, accounts for the difference between capability and performance.
  • By relaxing and controlling nothing but yourself, you can deal with the most complex situations.
  • Problems arise when you seek specific results by trying to control and manipulate others.
  • Thoughts precede events. In fact, events are panted in advance in thoughts.
  • Explaining circumstances as results of your own thoughts, rather than saying they are due to fate or outside forces, reduces dependency and gives you options to change your life.
  • To overcome difficulties, you need only concentrate in what you have done that may have brought about specific events.
  • Only effort will increase your strength and awareness of your potential. In time, you may realize that your impact on the world often derives not from what you do but from what you don't do.
  • You maximize your capacity to influence the world around you by gaining awareness and control of your automatic responses to the demands of others.. By delaying your responses, you can consciously decide how you will act. Action, not reaction, becomes the secret of success.
  • Concentrate on the resources you have, not on what you don't have or lack, in order to develop your potential and talents.
  • Learn to trust your intuition and follow you hunches.
  • Only you hold and have the answer to the meaning of your life. You need not seek solutions from others in matters where you and only you may have the answer.
  • Don't assume others have better qualifications to determine your objectives.
  • Study and preparation helps you by making you more aware of what is happening and how you are consciously and unconsciously perceive the world.

Have a great day and peace to you today.


Syd said...

Not relying on others for my solutions is a big one that I've learned in Al-Anon. I can't get it from anyone else, only within me and from my HP.

mermaidgirl said...

Excellent random thoughts, but I must say there is also a common thread in all of them, and that is a turning inward toward me, or you and leaving the noise to itself. Trusting yourself. Phew. That a toughy right there after being knocked down like a weeble at every turn. Just stopping ourselves and letting things happen without our intervention, or letting the compulsion to get involved and "control" the situation is a priceless trait.

I had a small breakthrough on this theme just this week. My trying-to-recover-alcholic husband has a difficult time with money. Actually-as he refers to as "my" money (yes, mine, not his). He is searching for a job and has been for a year now. He is dependent on me. I've worked hard-and am definitely enjoying the fruits of my labors, but he has overdrawn his account (linked to mine) 5 times in 6 weeks. I used to get angry; used to get mad at him and his inability to regulate this-you know the scene. This time, this week, I did nothing. Yup. Nothing. He came to me two days later with tears in his eyes and said he was so sorry-he has been doing everything we agreed on, but neglected to write down two transactions-so he transferred a little bit out of my account to his to cover for the difference and felt so bad about this because he felt he was "stealing" from me.

I smiled and said-thanks for taking care of it. No consequence for me-and if there was, I was ready to give my husband my personal banker's name and number and let HIM explain it...I finally trusted in myself, didn't control the situation and let fate take over. Scary at first, then calming in the end.

Thanks for your post and for listening to me-

Anonymous said...

By relaxing and controlling nothing but yourself you can deal with the most complex situations. Wow, that one in particular really resonated with me. It's true that's why. Ofcourse, there's a BIG difference between knowing and applying. It's the processing that provides the greatest challenges living life day to day. Some days it's just hard to surrender. Thank God for being Higher and Above me in all his Ways. My higher power always lifts me higher when I'm honest about my circumstances. Ofcourse my flesh doesn't necessarily benefit because God is all about spiritual fruit. Peace out.....Amy

Julie said...

HI there --
I stumbled upon this blog and found your entry very helpful -- especially the part of relaxing and controlling nothing -- and problems arise when you seek specific results by trying to control and manipulate others.

I am in the midst of a crisis with my alcoholic family -- my alcoholic mother (75) lives with my two adult brothers - alcoholic and drug users. -- I am 52, live 300 miles away -- and came for a visit to find my mother at the brink of death. I find myself thrown back to my illness of codependency and wanting to fix them -- and it is awful. I see where I go and what I do -- and it is so darn painful. I sought Al Anon online and found this blog -- and tomorrow will be a different day.