Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holding Your Thoughts

Today I am working on holding my positive thoughts and overriding my worries.

I am a little anxious. Friday I go to mediation with my wife and the lawyers. The lawyers want money - our money. I pray for God's will and that I see it and my wife sees it. I am strategizing how the mediation will go as my wife is very well-to-do and has family money. But as I have learned, I have to let go of the outcome and allow God - my Higher Power - to step in.

I am not in control of the outcome - but I can do the necessary steps to prepare.

I am much happier than I was a year ago. I know everything that has happened has a reason.

I am very blessed and fortunate. When I allow my feelings to turn to gratitude and feeling blessed, I feel less anxious.

I have not been to a meeting since Friday. My schedule is off. I will go today at noon.

Hope you all are well.


Syd said...

I hope that all goes well too Joe. You are right about preparing but then being powerless ultimately. All I can do is use my head and abilities that are God given. And ultimately accept whatever outcome there is.

Lee said...

Best of luck with the mediation. I have followed your blog on and off since my marriage fell apart due to an abusive alcoholic. I have written once before stating that you have helped immensely. Hopefully good thoughts and prayers will help you get through the mediation tomorrow. Be strong for yourself and your daughter. Friends keep telling me that the truth shall prevail when my mediation begins in a couple of weeks. I hope the same for you. Be tough, let go, don't get sucked in, let her be the angry one, stick to your plan .... yours and your daughters safety are paramount.
Tomorrow night could actually be your New Year's Eve, a new beginning.
You are blessed and fortunate...let that lead your way.
Peace be with you...

Anonymous said...

Hey good luck with the mediation, I hear that can be less costly than a real battle in the courts. Keep up the positive thoughts and remember you are not in control, but your lawyer is working for you. I heard this awhile back when I was contemplating divorce myself:

Q: "Why is divorce so expensive?"

A: "Because its worth it."

I hope that made you feel better and not worse!

On a completely unrelated note, I just received "The Ten Commandments" (the Cecil B DeMille epic one starring Charlton Heston from 1956) DVD from Netflix and watched the first half. It is a totally uplifting movie that made me forget about everything else for awhile. I recommend it as a good 3 hour long distraction from life.


Anonymous said...

It is too bad that you were not able to proceed through the collaborative process. I have been reading your blog for over a year and you impress me as a very insightful person. This site has helped me immensely. Your experience yesterday just serves as a reminder that "our" recovery is a slow process and detachment is very difficult. Good luck as you navigate this part, my prayers are with you.