Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Al-Anon Meeting Here!

How about this idea? It's borrowed - this is true - so I recognize this already. In fact, my best ideas are someone elses'!

How about an Al-Anon Meeting here this weekend? Every weekend. Here's how I propose it works;

  1. Someone suggests a topic on Thursday. First one who suggests the topic will be chosen.
  2. The Meeting starts at Friday 6PM Eastern. It will run through Sunday 6PM Eastern.
  3. I will set up the Topic before 6PM Eastern or right on time (depending where I may be)
  4. Anyone can join.
  5. Unlike Al-Anon meetings, cross-talk is allowed (talking to each other; commenting about what others said, etc) . In fact it is encouraged!
  6. Of course, not evaluating each other negatively. Share the love and faith. Provide ENcouragement (give courage to others).
  7. You can discuss your feelings on the topic. You can talk about something else if you have it on your mind. And of course discuss a burning desire.
  8. Unlike Al-Anon meetings - You can eat will talking.
  9. Unlike Al-Anon meetings - You can comment MULTIPLE times

Can I get anyone to agree? Or do I have the shortest Al-Anon Meeting in history? Don't leave me hanging friends!

Also, there are people from across the country and in other countries across the world who have contacted me about Al-Anon "thing". . . This maybe a chance for you to attend a meeting to see what it is like (of course, it will not have the same affect.)

Please send your "OK this is interesting and I'd like to try it" or a minimum a Topic!!!

Thanks and God Bless YOU!!


nanceelee said...

Great idea, I'll join in.

We will be able to share and connect throughout the weekend, when time and space allows. Encouragement and connection keeps us strong.


ashley said...

I could use a weekend meeting - since I'm going to be missing my Friday meeting! Good idea.

A topic that I could use help with is anything on detachment. I keep finding myself backsliding and am having a difficult time keeping afloat this week.

Anonymous said...

Would you all mind if I joined in even though I am not a member of AlAnon? I woould like to get some help and advice. Would you all let me know if it is alright to do this with you?

Anonymous said...

Yes!! This is so timely! I went to my first Al-anon meeting today. I knew where the church that part was easy...but it took me 20 minutes to find the right building! I barged in on a funeral, saw the church basement, met the school secretary, toured the rectory and by that time...the meeting room door was closed and there was no way I was walking in that late. My friend who came with me for "support" wouldn't knock on the door either! It was funny...but I couldn't help but think...what if I had to do this alone? Al-Anon should make it easy for chickens like me to find them!! I would love to join you all this weekend. I have had such an emotional weekend. My spouse and I had an argument on Friday, (about his drinking over the Holidays) and my children backed out of a meeting with our Counselor. (they thought they were ready to share some very real concerns, but backed out) Our counselor suggested we break open the silence of my Spouses drinking to our children and have an open discussion. My spouse apologized to my children...and talked about change...but my one child asked his dad to chose actions that are louder than words. I feel their pain...and I am concerned for their future disappointments as my spouse does not believe he has a drinking is that I have a different "perspective" on drinking than he does. The counselor asked my spouse if he understood that HIS perspective was damaging our marriage and our children. (Go counselor!!)
With all that said...please continue to pray...but not for me...but for my children. God bless you all!

Joe said...

Answering To both Anonymous people;
1. Yes - there is no "membership" or something like a secret handshake. PLEASE DO JOIN.

2. And yes - next time barge in. Instead of funeral (that's funny!) it might be a wedding!! ANd whether you are late or not they would welcome you with open arms. I was out of town once and decided to go to an Al ANon meeting at the hospital. By the time I was done, I attended an AA meeting (it took 3 minutes to realize I was in the worng meeting) showed up and sat in on the last 5 minutes of a Drug Addiction Meeting, and had the lady at the front desk call up emergency services when I showed back up to ask again where the Al-Anon meeting was, and she told Emergency Services that there was a man out front who was an alcoholic who desperately needed help (ME!). I did too! I needed a meeting!
PLease do join us. We can all relate to what you are going through. You will find very nice people here.


Anonymous said...

Joe...I can not remember my password for the life of me..Lorraine..(I am the second anyonymous...) Thanks for your funny story...I am glad I am not the only one who walks in on funerals and stuff!! I am glad you are doing this! I will come up with a new password to sign on. It was very liberating..(although I completely...and I mean that...understand why!!)to finally use my real name. Signed Anonymous Lorraine

Lorraine said...

changed my password...and checking in. hope this worked!

Joe said...

Let's all welcome Lorraine!

You're in the right place Lorraine


loralei said...

I would be thrilled to participate. Living with a recovering alcoholic (9 months) but still so many residual feelings thank you

skip said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. I don't attend al anon meetings (yet) so this will be great for me to learn and understand more.
Thanks very much.