Friday, January 25, 2008

The Alcoholic Marriage Part 2

This passage comes from Robert Greenleaf. First a little about Mr. Greenleaf. I studied leadership for a number of years (and still do - until recently) and found Mr. Greenleaf's works of "Servant Leadership." Mr. Greenleaf was one of the early pioneers of leadership studies. And even though he has passed away, his works are well known throughout the best schools, universities and corporations today. Servant Leadership is part of many churches and religious organizations as these teachings are about understanding people and guiding them. His work began at AT&T many years ago, and he is what one would call, a nice man, a very smart man, but someone who understood the human condition, and was compassionate toward all.

So when I found this quote in the back of the book, "The Dilemma of the the Alcoholic Marriage" (an Al-Anon book) I was not only surprised, but was impressed that Al-Anon had done the "research" to have related Mr. Greenleaf's work to our issue.

Here is the quote. I hope it provides meaning to you this day.

Our search should not be so much for a solution to a problem, or a way out of our difficulty, no matter how pressing. The search must be for inspiration, for insight, and one cannot know what he will do with an insight until he gets one.

Part of the necessary condition is to set aside one's own problems and needs, even the urgent and painful ones, and be prepared to receive and act upon the new insight. It may seem to have little relevance to our problem or need, but it may indeed, point to the new way in which our effort must be directed while we continue to bear our old burdens.


To me, this quote is about gaining insights to our problems we are facing. The old way was not working. In fact, the old way, made us sick. These words say it all; "but it (the insight) may indeed, point to the new way in which our effort must be directed."

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