Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday - A Little Humor

I read Steve Martin's autobiography before Christmas, one day when I decided to "get out" and away from my wife. I went to Barnes and Noble and just sat there. I was down in the dumps and my wife was - how should I say "Sober, but aching for a fight"? So, I physically "detached" and removed myself from the dance of alcoholism. Steve Martin's autobiography was interesting in that his life growing up wasn't perfect, and that his "overnight success" took about 20 years.

I forgot how funny he is. So here is some "humor". Click twice to view here. If you click too many times you will have two versions going!

PS - See you at 6PM Today (eastern) for the beginning of the Al-Anon Weekend Meeting ! This will run through Sunday to 6PM. Comment all weekend at any time. See you

Here is Steve Martin - from Johnny Carson. This is a classic. REALLY FUNNY

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