Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Posts Today - How Lucky Can One Get

Two Posts for the Price of One

Yep. Two. Both are for free.

As I sit here - just finished my first post - I am thinking - I am very grateful. I really have no problems. Yes. I am going through a terrible divorce. I never thought I would be part of such a thing. It is one you would read about or hear about how ugly it has gotten.

I share the ugly part with - well - hardly anyone. First my lawyer charges me too much. Second, don't want to worry my mom - and although I am waaaay too old to talk to mom - [I AM NOT one of those guys] - mom is still mom no matter how old you are. My brothers - waay too busy for the drama. And frankly - I hate reliving it.

But - I am grateful. I am so grateful and I woke up counting the amount of stress issues I have;

Economy - yes, my stock portfolio is down. Waaay down. But compared to others, not even close to them.

Job. I am new. Big position -sort of. Need to make a mark. Fortunate. Good things happening here.

Living in a rented house. Expensive. Next to our child's school. Wife has told our child somethings and has overheard mom. Cannot control this. I have to be patient. (Thanks to someone who wrote long comment about who cares what kind of food my child eats right now. Have fun with and let them remember the fun part. These comments resonate and help me)

Divorce. Jeeez. Enuf said.

Strange - my wife's drinking will not make this list.

House. Would like to buy house. Where? Once down and in, hard to change or resell.You'd better like it.

Exercise. Not able to exercise like I was. Stress is slowing me down a bit. Had to keep off running for about a month. Now better. GRATEFUL!!!

I am not ill. I am okay. Things could be a lot worse. I am comparing me to me, by the way.

I have a program. I have a sponsor. Use it, but you'll never lose it.

I can exercise.

I am blessed. Remember this today. How am I remembering my gratitude? It is clear at this second - I recognize I am ........PRESENT!!


The Albatross said...

Whoo hoo, great post! Just logged on to my blog to begin a new series... and checked out your place. I am inspired by your posts on both "where you're at" and also the previous post about attending 6 meetings... how true that was for me.

Blessings Joe... glad you turned the corner and put the focus back on gratitude!

Kim A. said...

Loved how you applied the "How important is it?". I have been in a terrible place lately in my head and gratitude is the only thing that keeps me from wallowing. This too shall pass...


Nebraska Cindy said...

"Be where your butt is". I like that one. Exercise has been such a boon to so many parts of my so many ways. Granted, it's only walking but, it's a priority. Now, the young addicts in my life know, they have to get their request in for transportation (16 & 21 no DL) or they're walking to where they need to be. I don't fool around, my walks are up to 2 hrs. long. I'm still too heavy to run, but I'm not sure I will run when I lose more weight. I walk with a friend a lot and that conversation is edifying. If I walk alone and I'm stressed, I don't have a radio or music in my ears as I can work through the crap in my head. Magically, it's worked out or put in perspective by the time I'm home again. So many more bonuses. My stress level is waaaay down. I'm losing more weight than anticipated (40 lbs. to go BUT, that'll come off 1 pound at a time, right?), and I sleep like a ROCK. Thanks for your "how lucky can one get", it helped me to put the focus back on my behaviors and actions again this morning.

AllisonRhodes said...

(((Hugs))) We have A LOT in common. Allison

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Sounds like you are handling all of this really well. Keep up the great attitude!

PS: as a single person that would like to be dating again...where do you meet women to date?

Man Alive said...

good post, good examples of living life on life's terms.
enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you. Attitudes are contagious and I refocused on the positives in my life too.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you. I had to refocus on the positive in my life also. Attitudes are so contagious.

Syd said...

Good for you Joe. Sounds like you are doing healthy things and have healthy thinking. And being in the present is great.

Anonymous said...

i fell in love with a recovering alcoholic seven yrars clean he religiosly follows the program i dont know the drunk he was only the beatiful person he is now what a program the twelve steps to produce the most wounderful man ive ever been with i have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving typing this on his comp