Friday, April 10, 2009


On Tuesday afternoon I learned that my trial for divorce was postponed. The judge was not going to be in Monday.

Interesting. Relieved on Wednesday. Stressed out on Thursday.

Wait. Wait some more.

It's is a racket. My lawyer is so busy he cannot even recall telling me that he told me things before. I pushed him yesterday as to why I am on the defensive. I filed for divorce because of alcoholism, one of the 6 reasons to get divorced in my state. He said, "That's an interesting position." Then proceeded to get another lawyer on the phone to brainstorm.

I want to scream, "Jesus Christ!!"

What a racket. Both attorneys can make this thing go on forever. Milking it. Now wonder people go broke.

My wife lies. I reviewed her Financial Statement. All of a sudden her savings accounts have gone down. Oh, yes. She writes checks for cash in the amount of $500 every 3 or 4 days. She goes to the ATM, and pulls out $200, or $300. Oh yes, I pay all the bills still.

Okay, I ask God, I know this is to teach me something. You have a plan. And it will all work out.

Thank God - I have a program. I don't always follow it. But I have a program.

Last night I went to a meeting. It was on Stress. Everyone is stressed these days. The number of people out of work is amazing. I see them in meetings. I used to try to help them in the beginning, now it's just too many to help.

For my office, I am looking for a sales exec. But I cannot find one qualified enough. I just hired two in the past two months. We just hired another professional who starts next week. So there are jobs out there. I thought I would write this part for inspiration to those who may be impacted by the economy.

This is a time to work hard on the program. To learn patience. To not rush and push things. God's time. Patience dear Joseph - is my mantra.


Syd said...

Divorce and the attorney stuff sucks. It is all about money for the attorneys. They are sharks circling the bait. I hope that things will resolve for you without too many more delays. Hang in there Joe.

The Albatross said...

My mind cycled around a thought in your post... "I still pay the bills".

I settled all but 20K of my alcoholic/dry drunk husband's business debts (to the tune of $150K). I paid and still pay the bills.

But I did so with prayer and it pressed on me to do the right thing... his employees needed to be paid, his clients had leins against their homes, and his creditors loaned him money "in good faith".

I did it because it was the right thing to do. I paid another 5K for counseling for my spouse because it was the right thing to do.

I got angry, and frustrated even though I chose to do "the right thing to do".... but it is getting better and I am in a more peaceful place because God is my authority... and Joe, you are paying the bills because for whatever reason, someone has deemed it "the right thing to do".

Walk through it with grace and dignity... I hope this matter is concluded for you soon so that you can put this chapter behind you.

It is not easy, I know. But I'm so glad you're posting and that you're doing alanon... you're blog is giving me the courage to go back to F2F meetings.