Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Addendum to Who AM I? Below

Two quick points;

One - about the reference to worrying about small things (see below post).

I was just rereading Tolle's book A New Earth. He said - I paraphrase here; Most all things are small. Because things (events, issues, what people said) are transient.

Transient. A good word. Most all things are transient. A good reminder is; "This too shall pass."

Second point;

A friend - who has been almost in the exact same boat I am in (wife was alcoholic) and children were at risk - and who absolutely understands the issue of alcoholism and how it affects the spouse, family etc. and how no one on the outside of this can understand the "trial by fire" we all go through, just called me this morning.

He was very, very uplifting. He said nice things about me (which are true!) and just reminded me that I am going through life and this little problem. He was very encouraging - just what I needed. This is a reminder for all of us - that a little phone call - to lift up someone else - is perhaps our greatest gift we can give another. It also helps us to give this gift. But it is secondary to our gift to give to another.

Please read the post below, and have a great day today!


Anonymous said...

Amen Joe, Amen.


Anonymous said...

When I first came to Al-Anon a few months ago, I quickly realized I didn't know who I was anymore after living with an alcoholic for nearly 2 decades. They say the alcoholic's maturity comes to a standstill as the disease progresses. I can't help but wonder now if mine did too.

With the help of the tools and wisdom from the members I'm discovering who I am and wish to be. My alcoholic spouse told me yesterday that he's very happy for my progress and that he has seen a lot of changes. He said that I don't seem to sweat the small stuff so much anymore. (It's uncanny how you discuss such timely topics!)

Thank you Joe for sharing so much with us. I read this blog every morning though I seldom comment. It has become a part of my program for healing and I owe much to all of you who share.

Catherine said...

Your post reminds me that phone calls can also have such a positive effect when we make them. I don't make program calls as often as I should.

Syd said...

I've been answering the Al-Anon "hotline" for the past few weeks and can say that I've gotten a lot out of talking to people who need a lifeline. It has helped me and hopefully helped them.