Monday, June 2, 2008

Working Step 2

Working Step 2 - Came to believe a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

This is right from the book, "Paths to Recovery";

"Whatever our faith or beliefs, whatever our definition of God or Higher Power we begin to desire increased sanity for ourselves."

In Step 1 we learned we are powerless over alcohol. In Step 1 we also learn we are powerless over the other things in our lives that we have tried to manage. We have tried to manage the impossible and our lives have become frustrating, tiring, and unmanageable.

Only through the first three steps can we learn to practice the art of turning things over to a power higher than ourselves. We learn that in order for us to regain some sanity in our lives, that we can rely on God or a Higher Power to help us through the hardest of days, and that we are not alone to carry burdens too big for us.

This learning to give up, to release, to ask for help, to "let go and let God," is very, very difficult for many of us since we are used to shouldering the responsibilities of many and specifically, those who may be our qualifiers in our lives.

But we must learn to let go and seek help from a power greater than ourselves. I have personally learned this, and never thought I would seek out God for help. And I can tell you that God answered in my times of need. For this and other things, I am extremely grateful.

Here are some suggestion from Paths to Recovery that may help you in your hours of need;

  • Say the Serenity Prayer every morning and evening when we feel overwhelmed. [I know many people who say the Serenity Prayer several times a day.]
  • Meditate on "God, grant me the serenity," one word at a time.
  • Being still and asking for help whenever a situation seems too much to take.
  • Recognizing sane behavior and acknowledging it. Taking notice of small miracles - a bright eyed child, a bounding puppy, a friend's call just when it's needed. [this last one - the phone call - has happened to me quite a bit]
  • Acting as if we have faith. Being still and asking for guidance, then going about the day's business assuming it will come.
  • Laughing; trying to remember some funny occurrence to share at a meeting.
  • Making a list of the things beyond our understanding that have happened in life that might suggest the existence of a Higher Power. [this is one I need to work]

The family disease is affects the family. We are not immune. But we can get inoculation shots or boosters, reach out to others, do not isolate. Do not obsess with the thoughts running around in your head. Try to stay out of your head and do something productive. And when times get tough, go to a meeting, call your sponsor, get out the phone list and talk things out.

Good luck this fine day.


Anonymous said...

I know a pretty special person that seeks some vision, and a answer from God these days.

I think we are seeking the same thing, and pray the roads "merge" to a place we both want to travel.

Peace this Monday.


Syd said...

I use the Serenity Prayer as a mantra when I feel stressed or fearful. It helps to put me at ease and generally to sleep.

Julia said...

The Serenity Prayer has been my saving grace. I have it written down and repeat it several times a day. Its so beautiful and so true. I feel that God is listening. I never felt that before.
I can't wait til my Alanon meeting on Friday. Everything I hear about it is great. And this blog has been very helpful too, I am so happy I found it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julia said...

Any suggestions to stop obesessing whats happening right now with my mom? She is in a 5 day lockdown in rehab and today is just the first day and I am worrying myself into the ground. Its a relief but I am so sick with worry. Alanon meeting on Friday but thats 3 days away! I am praying she asks Gods help, she needs it more than ever.
Peace be with you.

Joe said...


What I have found is that focusing on the present - that is thinking only of the NOW - this time, this second - will help you.

I have hurdles too - to jump over but if I start thinking about the hurdles - which is the future, I find I spin OUT OF CONTROL.

If I can catch myself and STOP thinking about the future and STOP playing the movie in my mind, I am much better. One day, one hour, one minute, at a time means focus on NOW.

By the way, knowing you cannot do anything about it, absolutely nothing and turning it over for your Higher Power to let him worry about it, has helped me.

I hope this helps you with the obsessing

Dee said...

Hi~I've stumbed across your blog last night in the midst of a "crisis" and it lead me to your article on detachment. I spent the next hour in tears, good tears, because I realized how much I "read" the program but wasn't detaching from others.

You wrote in today's "In Step 1 we also learn we are powerless over the other things in our lives that we have tried to manage." This just confirms what God has shown me last night. That my life has become unmanageble, again, because I allowed the thoughts rolling around to roll right on over to someone else's business...and stay there! Not today. I've been in the program 4 years and still grasping the "powerlessness" and acceptance that God really can do it with out my help.

Thanks for being here.
Dee P.

Anonymous said...

Julia, I wanted to add my two cents about worry. The fact that your mother is in rehab means that there is a whole organization of people who are working on helping her. Part of worrying less, to me, is realizing that I am not THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD WHO CAN DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM. or who is responsible for it.

One facet of alcoholism is the way it isolates us with the alcoholic. The shame surrounding addiction problems doesn't help. At any rate, it is easy to feel as though the problem is ALL and ONLY on your shoulders.

I don't know the details of your or your mother's situation, but I would hope that you can shift from worrying to celebrating, if only a little, the fact that your mother is somewhere safe and she is getting help.

Julia said...

Thank you everyone for your responses. I understand what everyone is saying, its just hard to put it into practice.
Its hard to have faith in her this time because we have been down this road before to only have her drinking again a few weeks or months later and reverting into that lifestyle. I am just hoping that this time she scared herself because of how sick she was. But you are right, living in the present, being thankful for everything I DO have, will help my sanity. She is in the best place possible. I just wonder how she is doing! I hope that she realizes what she has done to us eventually. Maybe then she will stay sober the rest of her life.
Thanks for your kind words.