Friday, June 13, 2008


In today's Al-Anon meeting, the topic was "Think." This was a simple and quick reading, but the result was tremendous.

We discussed how our thinking affects us. We talked and discussed how our thinking can be controlled by us - and we can think positive or negatively.

When I spoke, I spoke of my going for a run this morning and the chattering that was going on inside my head by a committee I never appointed. This committee is the incessant chattering that is having an adverse affect on me. I have even named the committee members as I was running this morning. They are;

Mr. Self Doubt - "are you sure you can do it?" and "Should you be doing this . . . ?
Mr. Impatient - "We need to do this now."
Ms. Criticism - "You really screwed that up."
Ms. What Are They Thinking - "Are they thinking about me?"
Mr. Acceptance - "If I say such and such - will they think I am smart and like me?"
Ms. Recognition - "I need to be seen as important and rewarded with praise."
Ms. Worry - "I wonder what is going to happen if . . . ?"

I need to fire this committee. I think the first step is naming them so I recognize them when one of them tries to call a meeting to order.

I need to hire a new committee. One that is based on being positive. I need to hire;

Mr. Confident - "I can do anything." [not to be mistake with arrogance]
Ms. Looking for the Good - "Let's see what good can come out of this."
Ms. Who Cares What They Think - "What they think is none of my business."

And so on.

Another person spoke of a story where she was riding in the passenger seat of a car. And another car zoomed around them on the freeway. The driver of the care that zoomed around them cut them off. And made some sort of gesture.

Her friend who was driving the car, said he was waving to apologize. She, on the other hand, said he gave them the finger. And she was ready to go kick his butt.

Two different views of the same incident, she said. And said, "I know I was right, that he gave us the finger. She went on to say, "While I was right, my friend was a whole lot happier."

Two perspectives. Two different ways of thinking. And the ability to choose. One thing no one and I mean no one, has any control over but you.

Hope this helps as we go on into the weekend.

PS - This could be the topic for the Al-Anon Weekend discussion.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Joe - I think I have a mixed committee and, my God, do they argue at times. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other. Must bolster up the positive and try to fired the negative. Thanks for a great post. Sue

Syd said...

I've heard too that we let others rent space in our head. That's a little different from "the committee" but they both are fueled by the chairman of the board, Mr.Fear. If I can simply enjoy the moments that I'm in without all the noise going on through my thinking, then I'm in a much better place. But that is easier said than done.

Joe I think that you would like The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra. It has a lot of good stuff to think about.

Rae said...

I love this idea of naming the members of the Committee of my Mind! Thanks for the tool and for your one day at a time writing.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Sometimes I think "I am in a dark room developing negatives with a bunch of monkeys." That committee in my head is a bunch of monkeys. Today I'm appointing a new committee! Hopefully they won't resign when fear starts in again.