Friday, June 20, 2008

All You Can Do

I have been going through a lot lately. The "through" means - I am going through a tough time or times where I have no road map. I am in uncharted territory. I have 4 of the major and I mean major stresses going on in my life that make the top 10 list in the actuarial tables of insurance companies.

Wow. Admitting this is a relief.

I am grateful that I do not have more of the stressors, however. There are some stressors that I do not have, which put mine to shame. I won't name them, except they deal with illness and death. So, I can thank my Higher Power that I have what I have and ask him for strength to get me through.

I have been working through each rock and removing each from the road. I am dealing with the "big D," I am dealing with a move, I am dealing with some "career opportunities," I am dealing with a beautiful child (which translates to making sure this child is safe and happy without letting this child know why I am doing what I am doing), and my qualifier who is battling alcoholism, but is in denial.

Sometimes, we can do only what we can do. No more. We need to "satisfied" with what we have done and are doing. One step at a time.

Nothing resounds more clearly now than "One day at a time." I thought that slogan was for wimps. Man, I love being wrong. I really do love being wrong. It shows me that I do not know what I think I know/knew. Life is always a learning experience isn't it?

I just wish there was a little less learning lately.


Do your best. Do What YOU can. Don't allow others to "judge" or "put the heat" on you. Because you are only doing the best you can. If you could do better, you would. All you can do, IS ALL you can do.

Take care this great DAY.


Anonymous said...

And "All You Can Do" is usually enough. No More. No Less.

Peace this Friday.


FrannyGlass said...


This just in from Winston Churchill:

If you're going through hell,
keep going.

My thoughts are with you.

Catherine said...

That phrase, "I'm doing my best" is a great one to keep in mind for myself and to attribute to others when I'm frustrated with people (Is it one of the slogans? I don't think so.)

I just came through a year when I had some of the top 10 stressors, too. At the end of each day I would be in disbelief that I had survived. I was forced to live one moment, one day at a time because I was so overwhelmed and got through by congratulating myself constantly and grasping on to a fleeting slip of faith that things would be better eventually. And they will. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Taking it "one day at a time" has been a life saver for me. Dwelling on all the things that need to be done in even a few days is overwhelming at times and I often get nothing done because of obsessive worry and stress.

I find when I concentrate on only this day, life is much more manageable and I do a better job of doing what I can do. This is a very new behavior for me and it leaves me with new found feelings of peace and serenity.

Syd said...

All I have is this day. And in it, I'm doing my best to do God's will. That is all that I can do.