Monday, December 1, 2008



I hear in the program that we are "human beings" not "human doings." I often get caught up in the outcome of the "doing." I have learned to focus on the goal or outcome and not be concerned with the doing.

I get confused sometimes. I think I am told and was taught to focus on the goal and not be concerned with the method.

As I look back, I should not be confused. I should try to achieve. But I do not need to "become" the outcome. In other words, I am already complete, whole and perfect. The outcome will not make me any more complete, whole and perfect.

Also, I need to just "be." Be who I am. Enjoy the present moment. Not focus on the future and say to myself, "When I get here, I will be happy." The "here" part of that sentence can be; money, a finalized divorce, a new relationship, recognition at work, etc.

I just need to Be.

I have also learned that focusing on the "doing" - I can find peace, serenity and joy. When I get anxious, I am not present, I am not in the moment. I start to look toward the outcome and the result of the doing.

I am sure you have been in a complete state of being. It can be when you got into a rhythm. When you lost track of time. You thoroughly enjoyed what it was you were doing.

I am caught up in the disease of future thinking. I am - well - weird. I have literally been on vacations, where I am thinking about getting back to work a week later.

I am getting better. I can just "be" - and when accept the present moment and who I am - I am much better off.

I am already. I am is being. Here and now - just be. I don't need to get, or have.

I came into this world with nothing. And, the sad thing is, I will leave with nothing. I think when i meet my maker - he will ask not; "What have you achieved?" But, "Did you enjoy the time you were on earth?"

Be. Accept the present. Better yet, find joy and beauty in the present. This allows me to "Be."


simply...lilli! said...

I read in "The essential teachings of Ramana Maharshi" this morning and one quote kept coming back to me all day ...
"Self is only Being - not being this or that. It is Simple Being. BE, and there is the end of ignorance."

... your words remind me of that. Thank you for sharing them!

Jen said...

Thank you, Joe (I'm an appreciative, anonymous lurker who's been positively moved by your and your companions' conversations - I live in a resort area with very few Al-Anon options, and you guys were by far the most satisfying and helpful as I made the break from my qualifier)- For me, the realization that helped with the whole being thing was recognizing how most of life is organized with our actions being perceived as means to ends. When I shifted my perception to seeing each action, each moment as an end in itself, the being thing opened like a flower. "Ends in themselves" is my screensaver, just to make sure that I don't fall asleep to that truth (screensavers are very handy reminders of truth, by the way). Thanks again to you and yours - and blessings on your way! - Jen

Syd said...

I agree that just being is the best. That way I am accepting what comes my way. No expectations,just in the here and now.