Saturday, December 13, 2008

Healed or Be Justified - Your Choice

In recovery I have learned many things. Learning is one thing. Practicing these and making them part of me is another (i.e. Living them). Here is a phase/sentence that is profound for me. I hope it resonates with you.

"You can either be justified or be healed. But you cannot do both."

I like that quote. It resonated with me this morning. Justification hangs on to negative, unrealistic and irrational thoughts. Justification makes my mind allow sickness to stay. Justification puts my life "on hold." It keeps me living in the past.

I let go of all justification. It keeps me rooted in the past and is associated with negative energy.


Jen said...

Have you read Chopra's _Book of Secrets_, Joe? While the concepts are not "new," they're packaged in a way that I think would really resonate with where you're thinking's been going lately. Have a happy week - Jen, the aforementioned lurker

Syd said...

You're right about justifying. It's also a way for me to stay stuck in a position that keeps my character defects at front and center.

Cat said...

I never read this before - I like it - and it gives me a new and fresh spin on how to look at things.


Anonymous said...

"You can either be justified or be healed. But you cannot do both."

I once heard something similar. Two married guys were talking about arguing with their wives and one guy said to the other, "You can either be right or have sex, but not both." : )

It's all about choosing the path of peace and having a mind like water. In my head I think,"I choose not to argue with you because I love myself and want only positive energy in my life."

It is easy when there is no conflict at the moment. But it becomes very difficult when the alcoholic's provoking/baiting occurs. The hardest part is RECOGNIZING the provoking/baiting for what it is when it begins to happen, and then adjusting my response immediately instead of falling back on old habits and just reacting.


ukgurl79 said...

This is an amazing blog. One of the things I love about Al-Anon is when I am in need of something I either read it, hear from a friend or it finds me in some weird way. Thanks for writing this!!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne.. I experienced the provoking/baiting for the first time really a week ago. The effect on me has been like a physical attack. I just don't know how to get passed this.