Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another NEW Day

So. I was bummed out yesterday. Surprise? Nope. I went to bed, couldn't sleep and then woke up around 4AM.

Yes. I did it. I vacuumed the house around 5AM!

OKAY. Went to noon-day meeting. It was around slogans. "This too shall pass" seemed to be getting a lot of talking about.

I spoke of it and said my version is; "This too shall pass. But I want it to pass now." I went on to say; "I am very fortunate. I am doing well. I am in good health. It is only my thinking that is doing 'it' to me."

Yes. My thinking. Exacerbated by lack of sleep and a small cold I picked up Wednesday that I thought I knocked out Friday. Still have it apparently this morning.

Went running yesterday AM before work. Good 3 miles. But need to do every morning/day. It makes a HUGE difference.

Also need to get back into reading every morning.

Called my sponsor yesterday as I was pissed. He pulled over to a parking lot to focus on what I was saying. We all have this obsessive thinking disease. We think way too much. We. I mean I. I don't know what we have. I know what I have. That is the "advisor" coming out in me. Focus on yourself dear Joseph.

You can only control yourself. And damn that is hard enough.

Focus on yourself and what is reality. No one is doing anything to you (me). They are too busy worried about their own things. Think about what you can control and shut up and shut off.

Peace this morning.


Di-Git said...

I too suffer from obsessive thinking.
Yesterday I had an incident and then I try to detach from it ...with love
hard to change this but with Alanon it seems to shift slowly slowy

Syd said...

Good advice to yourself Joe and words that I need to heed as well.

Lena said...

well said!!!!! I noticed that people start listening to me when I use I instead of we or you :) and yeah, I want it to pass now as well :)

debra said...

Happy Joyous and Free is the way to be

debra said...

I statement are great solve lots of issues. Last night talked to my qualy, he was drinking and could not come and pick me up, so said I did not have to go and see him. It felt good to have a boundary.

felicia said...