Sunday, May 17, 2009


Tomorrow in Al-Anon is non-existent in the sense that I have my head in the future and what "will" happen or what "might" happen.

In today's reading from Courage to Change it talks of tomorrow. The opening line is;

"When we talk of tomorrow," says a Chinese proverb, "the gods laugh." They laugh not because they find us ridiculous, but because they know the future is not predictable. Thus, we have no choice but to live "One day at a time."

I can make plans, but I cannot determine the results.

This is me. It was me in a big way. I spent all my hours - and I am not exaggerating here - living in the future. When I was on vacation, I would work, worrying about next week when I got back. When I was in the water at the beach very rarely did I just enjoy it - except when body surfing - where I had to be conscious - but I can look back and still remember thinking about "later" or "what I need to do" and "how I need to make sure everyone was in the car ready to go for dinner."

Is this true? Or is my brain just saying this?

I can remember - telling a colleague - that when driving from a client's office I would often - always - visualize myself coming into my building - literally opening the door of the building by pulling it open and then walking down the hall - thinking about who I might run into - people who worked for me and anticipating what issues they may bring to me and then getting into my office and working down my "to do" list.

I was proud of that fact of my ability to visualize.

Here in Al-Anon it really is a program of focusing on the NOW. I never would have heard this - if it wasn't for Eckard Tolle's books on the subject. As soon as I read (no studied it) I started hearing about the "Now" in Al-Anon. It was all over the place. What a rip-off! You can join Al-Anon and get this information for free and make it part of your being instead of going to these self-help seminars on the "Power of Now." Not really a rip-off. Just making a point about this program and how deep and rich it can be if you work it and it will work you.

You get just what you need . . . and I (you) can leave the rest.

Oh yes. One more - important thing.

Al-Anon seems to be somewhat of a contradiction. I will say it is Not - because I am defending it. But to the "untrained eye" - it may be. As we don't bring in religions you will find quotes from various religious beliefs.

Today's quote for example is a good one. But it is from the Bible.

"Do not be anxious about tomorrow; tomorrow will look after itself."

Interesting. And, I wonder if they had semi-colons back in the day.

There is tomorrow. I just need to do the footwork today. Cannot make the future occur the way I wish it would.

Peace this Sunday.


Kim A. said...

"Interesting. And, I wonder if they had semi-colons back in the day."

I love an Alanoner with a sense of humor. I chuckled at this and starting the morning with a chuckle can make a BIG difference in my day! Thanks for sharing and the insight.


Di-Git said...

I relate to your share about being in the future, this is how I survived. Couldnt stay in the moment too much craziness going on

Cat said...

Living in the past was all I knew before I found Al Anon - living in the now is so much more rewarding...

Anonymous said...

Good post. When I feel myself stressing out it is usually because I am
1. not in the Now, rehashing past crap in my life or
2. because of my expecations for others behavior.

Yup, that's what most of it boils down to.


Anonymous said...

Of course AA/AL-Anon is a cult! AA is not only a religious cult, it is a radical cult, an evil cult, a widespread cult, and a dangerous cult.

AA/AL-Anon has become an engine of social decay posing as a noble, altruistic fellowship. Its perverse philosophy of sin-disease and deliverance by faith in a heterogeneous deity contradicts the fundamental values of a free society, but is uniquely appealing to people addicted to substance-pleasure.

AA/AL-Anon is a cancer on the soul of the nation, producing no pain to the populace as it eats away at the foundation of society.

Its victims are its members who become grateful to their captors. AA/AL-Anon is causing the problem is says it helps.

Its 12-step program suggests nothing on how to quit an addiction except to stop trying, and its members love the cult more than any newcomer.

Each cult member shares a vision of a better world resulting from propagating the steps — not from the effects of abstinence upon society.

The AA /AL-Anon cult has infiltrated our federal and state bureaucracies and now nests in every social institution, setting policies that funnel new members into its craw.

It expands for its own sake, and cannot change from within. Therefore, it must be destroyed by forthright public education and expose.

by Jack Trimpey

Micky said...

Unbeknownst to many, there is a truly dangerous cult that actually does lurk in ..... or it's sister organizations Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or Al-Anon . ...

Questioning A.A./AL-Anon literature is particularly frowned upon. Much like other religious texts, A.A. members view the Big Book as containing the answers to all questions that pertain to addiction and recovery.

In the eyes of dedicated A.A. members, it is holy writ, being complete and free of error as it is written.

Like a devout Christian or Muslim, many can quote chapter and verse of specific passages that pertain to any given situation.

Micky said...

One Sober Alcoholic said...
"Between 5 of us, there were 170 years of sobriety at that table, and I was the "baby," with almost 25 years. And that is the way I like it, thank you very much."

We need to realize that we are not ALCOHOLICS in need of SOBRIETY; we are SINNERS in need of GOD.

We will never find God by trying to clean up our sinful behaviour one piece at a time. This is the wrong method to find true Biblical healing. A Christian does not keep their old clothes and simply sew new patches of unshrunk cloth on them, patching them up as they cleanse each sin.

If they were to do that their clothes would be worse off with the patch, not better! Look at what Jesus said:

"No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.

Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved."
(Matthew 9:16 - 17)

Syd said...

One day at a time. That always helps me.

Micky said...

Alcoholics Anonymous/Al-Anon is not the effective "Wonder Cure" society has been taught to believe that it is.

What AA/Al-Anon does do, however, is to introduce those who are exposed to it, "to seek after other gods, whom they have not known..."

Those who attend their meetings or read their literature, or receive their counseling are told that any god at all will do.

AA/Al-Anon teaches people to worship "god as they understand him" - or would like him to be, a god of their own making, a god created in their own image, or even the particular AA group of people with whom they meet, they are told, may serve as their "god."

The most frightening aspect of seeking a "lesser god," is the possibility that they will find him, or that indeed they will welcome him in, for Jesus called Satan the "god of this world," and the "ruler of this present age" in the world's "system," and Satan desires worship in any deceitful form he can receive it.

If they would only turn to the "one true God," the God of the Bible, they would find, as God promises in His Holy Word, that "with God all things are possible." (Mark 10:27)

Cindy said...

Thanks for the post! When I was at the height of my insanity...all I could do was mourn the past and present and fear the future! Thank God for the tools that I've gotten in Al Anon. Most importantly, that I can slow down and just BE. We've gotten a dog too, you can't help but be in the present with her! Thanks again!

Micky said...

Syd - I'm So F.I.N.E.

Anonymous said...

Micky you sound deranged mate