Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just In: What I Don't Do

Just In: In Al-Anon I learn to give up control of others, events and other things "outside my circle."

This morning I am reading an interesting thought that I want to share. Here it is:

In time you may realize that your impact on the world often derives not from what you do but from what you don't do.

I like this thought. I am going to sit with it. I do a sort of "inventory" when I have something I must do or when I am reacting to something. I ask; "Will this help - that is - if I do something, will this make matters better? Or is my ego trying to make me react because I fear losing something or feeling 'less than'?"

What I don't do may make more of a positive difference in my personal and professional life. Strike "may" and replace with "probably."


Gin said...

That puts an interesting spin on things. I have to think about this as well. Thank you.

AllisonRhodes said...

This is a very timely tip for me as I am extremely disturbed by some texts that my estranged husband sent me, and I want to try to make him understand that I haven't meant to be hurtful. But not responding may - will probably - lead to a better outcome than texting him back and forth all day.

It's hard to sit with "what I don't do," but I think not acting is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Over the last two years, I have come to realize I tend toward being a "reactive" person, and sometimes even an "overreactive" person. I usually get this way when things are not going exactly the way I want them to be. It is very freeing to learn this about myself.

Now that I know, I can recognize the signs when I feel my reaction urge kick in (feeling frustrated with anything is a sure sign) and stop it before it happens. If I am truly unsure about whether to react or do nothing, I "sleep on it". So I avoid creating more drama in my life by my reaction to stuff I can't control anyway. It is so much more peaceful and freeing to just do nothing/ say nothing sometimes!

"Let it go"...was there ever a more useful slogan?


Syd said...

How true what you wrote Joe.