Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Topic Was Gossip

In the other day's Al-Anon meeting, the topic was gossip. What the heck does gossip have to do with our disease??

Well, if I think about it, in my insecure way, I might talk about someone else, who is not in my presence, to someone else. This little talking about - tries to bring about an immediate bonding effect - where we both have a common "enemy" or something in common in the way we feel about another person.

So, right away we feel good about one another because we are trashing someone else.

Pretty sad isn't it? I believe when I do this - I am acting out of insecurity - or fear. Fear that people won't like me, accept me, think less than I am.

I also may be trying to make myself look better than another person.

But in reality, I am not living the principles outlined in Al-Anon and I wind up bringing myself down to a level I don't want to be at.


Anonymous said...

If one has to "tear down" another to "build up" themselves it is a defensive position, filled with in-securities, fear, and selfishness.

Peace this Tues.


FrannyGlass said...

This is a timely topic for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My small island thrives on gossip. I understand why there's no Al-Anon group on the island - we're all too scared of the gossip. How sad for us.

I wonder if I can be the one to break the mould .... how do you start a group?


Catherine said...

Another reason alanon's been great for me: I'm the worst gossipper ever. Oh, the trouble I've gotten myself into. I LOVE that there is a hard and fast rule about it and I NEED to be reminded at the beginning and end of the meetings.