Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your Prayers Helped Me Through . . .

Everything and I mean everything turned out VERY well.

My prayers have been answered.

My wife denied being an alcoholic on the stand. And there is more. It was very painful to listen to her deny everything and anything about her disease. The disease was in the courtroom yesterday in full bloom. Lying, covering up and deceiving. It was very obvious. Her friends and her family heard it there for the first time and now they know why I filed and that I am not an overly protective father.

I do not have time right now to tell you everything, as I have some things to do. But I went to bed with a smile on my face and woke up in the middle of the night with a smile instead of the usual cold sweat and pit in the stomach.

The judge - my fear was she would not understand alcoholism.

She told us all in the end, that this is a terrible disease and that my wife - soon to be ex - was in denial. She told us how her mother was an alcoholic and that she committed suicide and how the alcoholism affect her (the judge) and everyone in her family.

I was truly blessed and I am grateful.

I will be posting here on this blog for a long time. For I am still impacted by alcoholism and I will still be going to Al-Anon.

God Bless you all.

PS - I will see you tomorrow for the weekend Al-Anon online blog.


FrannyGlass said...

Wow. How blessed to have a judge who completely understands the insidiousness of this disease and what you're going through! I'll continue to remember you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am happier for you and your daughter than I can find words to express.

Anonymous said...

JOE, THAT IS SO GREAT!!!! The best possible thing ever, to have such a judge.

I was reading this article this morning and thinking of all of us. It's about the effects of binge drinking on the brain, based on research done at the University of North Carolina's Center for Alcohol Studies.

How sad that my Q when I left the house this morning was sleeping off a night of drinking...

Anonymous said...

There really IS a higher power. I have always believed in a vague, fluffy sort of way, but since I've been focused in an 'Al-anon way' great bolts of realisation have started to strike me - Thank you higher power for helping Joe and his daughter in this way.
Hugs to you and your daughter, Joe - and hugs to the rest of us too.

Syd said...

Joe, I'm glad that the judge knew the situation from first hand experience. I'm hopeful that all will continue to go well for you and your daughter, and that your wife gets into treatment.

Anonymous said...


My wish for your bold move is what is right, true, and best for you, your daughter, and you wife.

From the darkest of clouds can come rain of crystals.....


Catherine said...

As the sane one in the relationship it's like a dream come true for everything to be laid bare and to get some kind of acknowledgement or confirmation (even though AlAnon empowers us to keep going without that outside nod). Just hearing about is inspirational.

Catherine said...

P.S. Am I the sane one in my relationship? Har. Let's put quotes around "sane."

Ms Hen said...

wow, the judge too (it affects so many many people).

I'm glad you were able to SMILE.

I rented my downstairs apartment but first I asked about the person's drinking habit. LOL. He was an intelligent man and understood; he would not want a crazy landlady that was a drinker either.

I rented out my garage since I do not drive here in this part of NYC.

I asked the man when he would be bringing this antique cars to show and returning late at night;.......I said as long as you are not drinking with friends in my garage. He did not think I was NUTTY. His sister died from drinking and overdose and he is raising her son.

This disease affects so many people; and I don't want to be around it. (I know asking might not really work; but I could see how someone reacts to these questions).

Joe you have a terrific blog; I like reading your honest shares..

Betty Ann