Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Cool Place

There is this cool place. It's near one of the Al-Anon meeting places I regulary attend.

There's this park, a park I blogged about around the 4th of July.

I try to go to this park anytime I can. It reminds me. I go there to read, walk around and look at people and just - well - Be.

Here is a picture of a cool tree in the park. The tree is the oldest tree in the park. The tree is fairly large. A great place to hang out. There is one branch, that juts out, like an arm, willing you to sit on it. Allowing you to be boosted up, on to the limb, and be comfortable, just sitting.

When I go now, I sit in view of the this tree reading one of my "Zen-like" psychology books that provide me peace, hope, direction and guidance. These books are not Al-Anon approved, although they have the same or similar principles of focus on yourself, one day at time, first things first, a higher self/universe/higher power/God, connectedness, detach, etc.

I was there this past Sunday after attending an Adult-child meeting. I sat seeking. After reading and walking for two hours, I left for a Sunday night Step meeting. I was at peace.

I will probably be there this Saturday after my Men's Meeting. Cannot go Sunday. I have to fly to Denver (well, now you know, I am not from Denver!).

This tree is my "what can be" tree. The limb the juts out, makes this tree a cool tree, because it is different from other trees in the park.

My mission there: I am seeking, as I sit there. I know it will come. I must be patient.


Anonymous said...

Simply looking at that tree, it reminds me of my God.

The branches represent all the different paths he allows me to travel, but each is tied to the base and the roots of the tree. Regardless of what branch I select, the end result plentiful or empty, he is always there for me, my base, my roots.

Peace this Tuesday.


FrannyGlass said...

That looks like a great climbing tree, Joe. Bet it's hard not to succumb to the urge to sit in its branches. Safe travels to Denver.

Syd said...

There are a lot of live oak trees here that have branches for sitting. It looks to be a peaceful spot. Get peace anywhere you can is my thought.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I would really want to climb up there, too. When I was a kid I climbed everything; I always found a way up. Now I get freaked out when I'm too high up off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Is Patty a girl? Or a man? I knew a Patty - he was a pig. He had wings of the devil. And the face of his momma.