Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fear and Honesty

Just got back in from Denver. Left early this morning to catch the noon day meeting. The topic was Fear and Honesty. Great topic.

Fear. Are we afraid to be honest? And if we were honest, what have we to fear? Others reactions? Maybe. Others not accepting us?

I am not talking about what someone referred to as brutal honesty. I am referring to just being honest in speaking what we mean. Not saying it meanly.

I was never a person who had fear. Now that I am coming "clean" - I can see where I may have covered up my fear with something else: false bravado; anger; jealousy . . .

My fear of losing what I had or was not getting. Perhaps. My fear of showing the world I too am just "human" and that I have foibles just like - well - everyone else.

What if we had no fear? And we were just honest? What would that feel like? No fear and honest to ourselves, to everyone. That would be a relief - a burden lifted. A feeling - I would like to experience. I am getting glimpses of these feelings.

Hope you are well


Syd said...

I call it rigorous honesty--the only way to work the program. In steps four and five, that honesty is really needed if we are to be free in our minds.

nona said...

Learning to be honest with myself was much harder than being honest with others. I remember making a conscious decisions to live an honest life. But living with A & A made it difficult to be honest with myself. Once I took that first step and looked at how unmanageable my life really was I yearned to work all the steps to put my life in order. The pieces are falling into place. "It works if you work it."