Friday, August 15, 2008

My "God Box"

Last night, I heard on an audio program the idea of creating a "God box." The speaker did not call it a "God box" but in several Al-Anon meetings I heard others speak of this concept of a "God box."

Interesting. You may think I am weird. And if you do, you are probably right. I am outside the norm of thinking sometimes, that I have lost the map and all I have is this compass thing - an inner voice, saying, "Hey, how do you know if you don't try it and have faith?"

Okay. So I am working hard on faith. I slip every now and then, and I try to take control of the steering wheel of life, taking it from my Higher Power's hands.

But this God box thing. This is - or will be - back to "is" (faith) powerful.

You get a box. A personal box - that no one can access - since I live alone - this is not a problem - and you write out what you need or desire. This morning I got my box. I said my prayer, telling my Higher Power I will place my need in this box. I wrote out my full description of what I am asking for and said another prayer about this need I have.

I placed the paper in the box and set it in a place where I could see it. And I told God, my Higher Power, I had this urgent need.

Later - three hours later to be exact - I feel, well, lighter. Interesting.

I have been blessed with many miracles in my life. I was reflecting the other day at the significance of this feeling of the miracles I have had occur all through out my life. I had this feeling several other times in my life, but that was a long time ago since I had them.

When my ego - which needs fear, worry and doubt to feed off of - creeps in, I forget the little miracles that have occurred that I am so grateful for.

So, here I tell you about a "God box." Another thing, a little thing, that I am already grateful for. I will go through the audio program again today and make sure I did this properly. I will write out the directions in a later post.

But, already, some how I feel like this thing that I have requested is already be worked on. Like I said, I feel lighter already. And that is a good feeling to have. Maybe it's just about letting go. Obviously, I have no idea what it is right now. But it feels good. So, . . . I am going with the flow, so to speak.

By the way, the steering wheel. I know it's a Ferrari steering wheel. I like to feel God would be driving something fast. I know. It's not humble.


Syd said...

My God box is a place that I put the names of people or issues--I give them to God. And in several months I go back to the God box and those things that were placed there are often not an issue anymore. It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I need one, again.

Been way too long, maybe it will come from the same person that was so gracious to give me my original box that I no longer have. The post this morning is going to take me back to why I don't have it any longer, and what surrounds that.

I do know, that I should have wrote down the name, and the issues at the time, and put it into the box that was given to me by that person.

Until now I never really thought about doing that, because at that time, I was full of resentment, anger, disappointment.

Till then maybe I will just use a shoe box, good thing I where size 12 shoes, the box is bigger.

Think I will use a Nike box, and "Just Do It".

Thanks for the reminder Joe, much appreciated.

Peace this Friday, and all enjoy your weekend.


Stacey said...

I have something similar. When I write something down, I write it as thanksgiving as if what I am struggling with or hoping for has already been resolved or come to pass. "I am thankful for...etc" as though what I want is already a part of my life. The changes I have seen take place are amazing.

Catherine said...

How funny -- I have 2 boxes sitting at my feet that I was just about to recycle. I guess I can reuse one of them instead.