Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not About Al-Anon

I like to read business books. Or I should say, I used to. Lately my reading has been scattered to Al-Anon and "self-help" stuff - to stay focused as I go through this transformative period in my life. I will say, for the most of the waking hours in a day, I am "up." Although I hit a "down" period Tueday. Lost my serenity, but through no one else's fault but my own. I allowed some voices of doubt creep in.

The book to the right captured my attention a few years ago. It is an easy read. It's one of those books that get you thinking about how to be different. Paul Arden, the author wrote a follow-on book called "Whatever You Think - Think The Opposite."

I keep these two books handy - when I feel like I am stuck. Arden was a former creative director with Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world's premier advertising firm. Arden apparently is "different." He admits to being fired a number of times. I sense he can be a little difficult to get along with. He probably just doesn't tell you that you are wrong, he probably does a second opinion too, like the comedian, Rodney Dangerfield says, ". . . And the doctor gave me a second opinion, he said, 'You're ugly too'."

I sense Arden was like Rodney Dangerfield, except without the humor. My sense is he can tell you are wrong and stupid as well.

Anyway, two interesting books to help you get "unstuck" and get the creative juices following. Also, the first book, It's Not How Good You Are . . . " is a book to motivate yourself to become better in your craft by seeing what others have done.

Not sure what the heck this has to do with a recovery blog - except getting unstuck - and maybe uplifted. And maybe that is exactly what we need in recovery sometimes.

Hope you are well.

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Syd said...

Arden sounds as if he would have a difficult time in the business world. I have found that government doesn't much appreciate those who think "outside the box". Yes-men seem to abound. Maybe business is the same way at upper management--not sure on that since I've never worked in business. Have a great weekend.