Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry Folks

There is a wild and crazy - funny guy - who has - well too much time on his hands. I wish him well. He is posting comments on a lot of recovery sites.

So, I had to turn on comment moderation. It's an extra step in the process.

In the meantime, so you don't have this guy attack your blog, I recommend that you do not post with your Google ID, and just sign your name.

See, I am still co-dependent - giving advice! But trust me, it is worth it!! Deleting Patrick's comments takes about 5 minutes, 5 minutes I don't have!

See the comments in the post below to see what I am talking about. Poor guy. Let's pray for Patty today.


Syd said...

I stood the comments and deleting them as long as I could. I guess that he doesn't like Al-Anoners any better than those in AA. Sorry for the hassle.

Joe said...

I deleted Patrick's comments.

Patrick - "na, na, non, na, na, na!

Do you remember that when you were kid anyone?

By the way Syd, you owe no one an apology -

My only advice, is You've got to keep better friends!

Catherine said...

I'm glad you did. Sometimes people bust loose with, um, similar things in meetings and I just sit there wishing that it would be over. In an AlAnon meeting we have to let them do their thing, even if it makes me feel unsafe. But this is your blog after all; I think it was a healthy thing to do. (Of course now I'll be worrying about whether my comments are "approved") :o