Monday, February 16, 2009

Controlling My Thoughts - My Affirmations

More affirmations gained through my reading and Al-Anon. Here is a section on "Thinking." Thinking can be my best friend or my worst enemy. Gaining control over my thoughts is probably the most important thing I can do. All these affirmations are designed for me to focus on the positive and put the negative into perspective. Notice I said "put the negative into perspective." It's not about eliminating the negative, which I would have placed a bet on two years ago. I have learned that the more I try to eliminate negative thoughts the more power I give my negative thoughts.

Controlling My Thoughts;

  1. I decide what my brain is going to think about just as I decide how my arm is under my control.
  2. I decide what I am going to think about.
  3. I learn to choose what to think about so I can control my responses and this gives me real self-confidence.
  4. I know the only person I can change is me.
  5. I control the smallest and insignificant actions of my daily life.
  6. I use self-observation: Do I feel tense?; Do I feel scared?
  7. I then go into self-control. I calm myself in the midst of misfortune and nervousness. I am able to gain calm.
  8. I know the calm person has far better chances of success in all areas of life than someone who is prey to a thousand tricks and turns of emotion.
  9. I know this is exemplified when faced with a threatening situation; I should strive for balance and poise;
  10. - I hold off a moment before talking or responding to someone who offends.
  11. - I think before responding in anger or retreating in sullenness.
  12. - I should have enough confidence to temper my anxieties with reason.
  13. - I know only this brings clarity and patience into my view of the situation.
  14. I know the tragedy and the beauty of human consciousness is; "We live in the mind."
  15. I influence the kinds of experiences I have in the world by learning to program and select my thoughts.
  16. I know approaching things from a negative viewpoint is giving me two strikes before I even step up to the plate.
  17. I know the person who habitually predicts success has a far greater chance of achieving it.

That's it for today.

Thanks for the kind words everyone has given me. It has meant a lot to me as I go through - what is for me - uncharted territories - and an emotional drain.

My brain manufactures a lot of my hostility and negativity however. And I need to get my thinking under my control.

And the words expressed here have helped me believe I have a lot of friends I have yet to meet.

Thank you all and best wishes.


Syd said...

I want to think and not eliminate the negative. It's all part of the deal of life. But now I realize that I don't have to dwell in negative thinking. I can ascertain what is real and what is something that I'm projecting. It isn't nearly as scary as I once thought.

newcomer said...

Yes, negative thoughts from projecting is my greatest enemy right now. The affirmations are helpful.

Anonymous said...

I think that negative thoughts are essential for discovering what you DO want...and move the negative to the positive query as quickly as possible. When I focus on what I would rather have, I feel more positive and allow myself to move in the direction of what I would rather have rather than sitting in what I don't want. Hopefully, that makes sense.