Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Using Difficult Times - My Affirmations

Over the next few days and perhaps weeks, I am going to record some of my affirmations. They are a mixture of what I have read or heard in Al-Anon, Al-Anon related books and books I consider as great and have a lot of similarities to Al-Anon related material.

I read the affirmations below and was so inspired I raced back to the hotel to type them up. They are broken into sections. Here is section 1.

Using Difficult Times

  1. I know efforts to eliminate tension can actually create more of it
  2. I have learned to flow with anxiety rather than try to eliminate it.
  3. I know my distress will not last forever.
  4. Since my distress will not last forever I am better able to cope with pressure.
  5. I remind myself that negative thoughts come from bottled up feelings which I may be reluctant to express, except toward myself (a great reason to go to Al-Anon meetings)
  6. I set single minded goals, realizing there is no guarantee for success.
  7. I know if I keep at it - and continue working on my goals, I will achieve a goal.
  8. I use my present situation or suffering as preparation to achieve my goals.
  9. I use suffering or a negative situation as a way to stimulate me toward positive action aimed at achieving my goals.
  10. I know Lord Byron said; "Sorrows are our best educators. A man can see further through a tear than a telescope."
  11. I know suffering can have its own virtue which usually leads to growth.
  12. I know E.H. Chapin said; "Out of suffering emerge the strongest of souls."
  13. I realize that by going through these difficult times now, I will gain greater self-awareness and develop a firmer sense of my own identity.

I hope these inspire you today and tomorrow. I am saving these affirmations under a new label called; My Affirmations. You can click on the right hand side labels to get all "My Affirmations" for you to read.

It is best to read these first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

Read them alone. If you can, read them out loud. If you are in Starbucks, and you read them out loud, be prepared for strange looks. So, how do you avoid strange looks? Don't look.


FrannyGlass said...

Joe, if you read them aloud at Starbucks, they'll probably think you're ordering a new kind of coffee and tick every one of the boxes! Great reminder of the impermanence of pain. Happy Wednesday.

Cat said...

These are very helpful - and just in time. Thank you.

Syd said...

Thanks Joe. I like those affirmations.