Monday, February 23, 2009

Concentrate on the Effort - My Affirmations

So, my affirmations are starting again. I used to focus on the goal - ALL the time. That made me future oriented. I never lived in the present. I spent my time thinking and planning for the future. I would even be on the beach thinking about when I got back from vacation - about work - or thinking about what we would do later that night.


Concentrate on the Effort

  1. I concentrate on the effort in order to change my present circumstances.
  2. I focus on efforts rather than results (don't cringe here corporate America).
  3. I know our culture focuses on the results.
  4. I know only true freedom comes from me calling the shots.
  5. I know success is fleeting and success is never guaranteed.
  6. I can count on my ability - however - to withstand things, no matter what the outcome.
  7. I have developed the ability to roll with the punches, to laugh at myself, to approach winning and losing philosophically rather than as life and death.

Take care and see you soon


Syd said...

I like the idea of concentrating on the effort and not the outcome. Only God knows the outcome really.

Anonymous said...

Yes, success is never guaranteed.

This for me is where courage enters the picture. Since business has slowed a bit with the economy, I do not have a clear grasp of how much I will make this year. I remind myself to have the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other every day (live in the present at work) and trust that somehow it will all work out.

Maybe not in the way I have set my expectations, but in the way it was meant to. And in the mean time I am not starving, have a roof over my head, we are all healthy, and husband is sober and gainfully employed. For these things I am grateful.


Di-G it said...

Future projecting and past regretting has stolen my moments. I can tell when my program is working I feel i am present. The more I work it the more presence I feel working in my life.

Anonymous said...

As I sit at my desk working on dreadful algebra problems (in order to complete my Associates degree) and fighting my own efforts (math still scares me and I seek to escape, feel uncomfortable, then check into some useful Just For Today), I sighed with relief to "see" that I am on the right track.. simply by making this effort, And... that is enough.

Yes, I am future oriented (even though I know better.) How easy it is to get myself into a knot and forget all the great tools of Alanon. I can stop the mental torture of the "what if's" and the "how to's" now. Thanks for the very encouraging reminder!