Friday, February 13, 2009

Life Is A Journey To Be Lived Forward - My Affirmations

This is the 3rd part of a lot of parts of "My Affirmations." I wrote these down in one of my many zillion notebooks. But unlike my other notebooks, these are written in the "Anything" notebook - the 4 by 6 inch version - something I can carry around and reread.

I reread these - all the parts which are not yet posted - out loud this morning. I can tell you it DID make me feel more in control. More in control of my mind and my emotions - or - attitude is probably the better word.

Here is part 3;

Life Is A Journey To Be Lived Forward

  1. I live life in the present moment.
  2. I remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint.
  3. I know the journey of life is in front of me, not behind me.
  4. I know yesterday's results are history.
  5. I am not in control of yesterday and therefore cannot change yesterday.
  6. I do not rest on my laurels. I move forward. I do something everyday - even if it is just one little thing - that is positive and aimed at achieving a goal I have set for myself.
  7. I know over time, one thing a day, adds up to a lot of actions over the course of a year, and much more over the course of 5 years and 10 years.
  8. I know people who rest on their laurels or past successes are in far worse shape than those who have tried something and failed, for they are no longer growing and learning.
  9. I know the real key to success is resilience, the ability to bounce back from defeat, from failure, from adversity and trials.
  10. I know successful Olympic athletes - champions - common mark of success was their lack of a fear of failure.
  11. I know - in fact - that champions are stimulated by their failures.
  12. I know these champions go on with the race.
  13. I also know that true champions are not distracted by their successes.
  14. I am stimulated by my failures, mistakes and adversities.
  15. I learn to laugh at these and look forward to today and tomorrow, and dwell on yesterday.
  16. I see every failure and mistake as a test.
  17. I detach myself from the event - for I am not the event - the event is the event and I am me.
  18. I bounce back fast, using it as immediate feedback without dwelling on it as an embarrassment.
  19. I am prepared for discouragements.
  20. I visualize my life as a long distance run.
  21. I visualize the run whereby I am continually revising my strategy based on feedback.
  22. I do not keep score. I do not tally up victories or defeats.
  23. I write m own script for my future and what I want to be.
  24. The day I pick a goal and start working toward achieving it, I begin to control my own life.
  25. I know the goal is not important, but marshaling my energies to choose one is important is, well as the effort and energies expended to achieve it.
  26. When I begin, I keep moving. I don't second guess. I don't look back. I do it. I advance - I go forward.
  27. I try to cover as much territory toward my goal as possible.

I know, that's a lot of affirmations today. Plus you have the 2 from the past 2 days. Yes, use them all. Print them out and read them. Out loud. In Starbucks if you have to. Hell, they will give you a free coffee if you are "crazy" enough to attempt it probably.

By the way, I bought one of these Starbucks cards - where you keep "recharging" the card with dollars. Anyway, the tightwad in me thinks I make/save money because I get free refills on my coffee when I go there (which is not often unless traveling). Yes, I save 50 cents on the 1 refill they give you. With the card, I get as many refills as I want - for free. I am single-handedly driving Starbucks' stock price into the ground. And, I am wired for sound when I leave there.

Peace to you today. And tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Only today, this moment is what life is about.

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