Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay this might be weird sounding. But in the midst of my divorce and battling my wife's alcoholism, I shut down my brain at night so I could go to sleep.

Shut down? Well maybe not exactly shut down. But what happened was I very - and I mean very rarely dreamed for the past several - 9 or 10 - months. I know - I dream - you say, I just don't remember the dreams.


The past several weeks has brought me to a clearer frame of mind. I am seeing things more clearly - more defined - sharper. I recognized this the other night. I was not in a funk - I was present.

Last night I dreamed - now get this - of my lawyer. Yep. Lawyer.

I woke up on the edge of the dream - reviewing something my wife had or something - and he was very interested in it. It was - I think - her not working or not wanting to work.

Damn. I wonder if the bastard is going to bill me.

PS - for those of you who have not had a messy divorce, you have no idea how long it takes to divorce and what a crappy, unfair (for both sides) process this is. The lawyers DO milk it. It is like a funeral home. Everyone is emotional, and you can sell just about anything.


Syd said...

Not had a divorce but it sounds like a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

A divorce is a nightmare. I was referred to 3 different lawyers, each who had left the divorce law. They each told me how it was too hard on them dealing with the crazy and hostile emotions. What really got to them was how it affected the children and how the parents couldn't see it. Each one left divorce law and started a different practice. They wouldn't touch divorce for anything after their experiences with it. This too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

"It is like a funeral home. Everyone is emotional and you can sell just about anything."

LOL! At least you still have your sense of humor! Sometimes that is life's greatest gift to get us through the really awful times.

Hang in there, and make as many jokes about the absurdity of life as you need to.