Monday, July 21, 2008

Emotion - What It Is and How This Can Help You

I have read this before. But today, the definition of emotion means a lot to me, especially in the area of detachment. See if this has some meaning for you today.

Emotion is a reaction between the the body and your mind. You emotionalize things that you are thinking about - not what is actually happening. So, when we feel anxiety or fear, it is the actual thinking or thoughts that trigger the emotion. If we can eliminate the negative thinking - or the thinking that triggers our emotions, then, maybe, we can be detached from the event, situation, person or thing that we thought about.

Does this make sense?

It is not the event or person or thing - but it is our thinking about this that makes us feel a certain way.

By the way, this is true for positive situations, people or things too.

We have to gain control over our evaluation of the triggering event. Our judgment or evaluation as good or bad hooks us.

If we can eliminate this hook - this trigger - the actual evaluation - we can BE - be who we are and live a better life.

One way to look at this, is to look at problems. If we can realize we are NOT the problem and the problem is NOT a reflection on us as a Being, we can realize that circumstances are just that - circumstances.

I think it was James Allen in his works, "As A Man Thinkth," who said "Circumstances do not make the man [or woman], they reveal him to himself." This means to me, that if we can see where we are getting the anxiety from, we have a better understanding of ourselves.

Another word about problems. Life is a succession of problems. As soon as one is solved, another is on its way. This is not negative thinking per se, but life. And if we realize problems are transient - and realize we are not - we can become bigger than our problem we are facing.

Hope this helps you this today

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Syd said...

I like the idea of taking life on life's terms. It's something akin to acceptance. I know that things won't always go smoothly. I just have to roll with the punches somedays.