Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nancy - The Cartoon, My Sponsor and The Bible

Nancy - The Cartoon, My Sponsor and The Bible - For Al-Anon?

"With all thy getting, get understanding." A quote from the Bible for Al-Anon? And a Nancy cartoon?


Perhaps . . . But what if "understanding" means our Divine right to live out our time on this little planet, being happy?

I was about to do something stupid, and fortunately, I called my sponsor. I knew in my heart it was stupid, but I still had to talk to my sponsor. My sponsor allows me to say stupid things out loud so I can hear how stupid they are. I often answer my own question when I talk to my sponsor. I wind up hearing myself say something I learned in Al-Anon, after I tell my sponsor what I am thinking about doing or saying. I say, "I am forcing a solution aren't I?" Or I say, "It sounds like I am trying to manipulate - jeez . . . "

The other day my sponsor said to me, after I said I was about to "engage" my qualifier by just talking to her . . . he said, "It depends what you want. Do want to end up in an engagement (war of words) or are you after peace and serenity?"

I am after peace and serenity of course. I was the most positive person on the planet up until about six months ago. I would always find the bright side of everything. But, maybe this is not true, as I reflect back on this statement. I believe God maybe sending me back through the obstacle course to have me learn something again or to become better.

I am a firm believer that if we decide to be happy, happiness eventually catches up with us. But we have to decide we want to be happy, and then do everything in our power to JUST BE happy.

Here is a great cartoon I saw - actually someone gave me - Sunday.

It is a strong message. I hope it helps you this week.



Anonymous said...

It has alot to do with the people we attract as well. If we all are "magnets" do we want to attract happy people, or people that find each day nothing short of hopelessness?

Misery breeds company.

Happiness is a state of mind.

Don't worry, be happy today!


Syd said...

I prefer the happiness idea instead of sadness. And it does matter that we are around positive people. I find that program people who have a lot of recovery are much better for me than the "normals" in the world.