Friday, July 25, 2008

Try This To Stay Present

Here's a little exercise to stay present. I got this from Tolle's book, The Power of Now. Interesting, little thing. Here it is; Try to think about what your next thought is going to be.

That's right. Think about what your next thought will be. I was actually running and listening to this book in MP3 on my ipod when I heard this. So I tried it. It really forced me to stop thinking. I tried it for about a minute or so while running. I became a little concerned because I also lost a little track of where I was placing my feet,and I was running on some uneven ground. And, the truth be known, my head started to hurt.

Try this though. Try thinking about or guessing what the next thought will be that will enter your mind.

This - I believe - is a little exercise to learn how to stay in the present moment and help you train your mind to stop thinking random thoughts without your permission.

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Catherine said...

Somewhat mind-spinning.

Here's something different that you might find interesting/inspirational: